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So Random!

I’m a fun-loving, adventure seeking, outdoorsy, chai drinking island girl. I’m mama to a spunky and fearless 4 year old little girl named Tanzin, and I live in Mill Valley, CA with my boyfriend, Travis and our dog, Lucca.   

I love to travel, and I have a deep love and respect for the ocean. My favorite weekend activity is packing up our little family and spending the day at the beach. I love hiking, being outdoors, 90’s music, reggae, a really good lemonade and a home filled with music. I’m definitely a dog person and I’m always up for a good adventure, especially a spontaneous one. My favorite smell is a wood fire burning and my favorite sound is my daughter’s laugh.

I’m a romantic at heart and I love islands. I was raised on Martha’s Vineyard and lived on St.John in the Caribbean for ten winters, that's where I started my business in 2007, adopted Lucca, lived on a sailboat, swam everyday, danced to a little too much reggae and met my boyfriend! 

I love natural light, authentic emotion, playful images, for people to be themselves and let their true love shine through. I am inspired by people in love and who live life to the fullest, I love hearing people's life stories and hope to hear yours!

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I started my business at 22

I grew up on an island

I jam out to 90's hip hop when in my car.. 

I believe that relationships & experiences (and photos to remember the feeling of those experiences) are the most important thing in this life.  

My personality might be big bit I'm only 5 ft tall

I'm a dog person, and call my fur baby my first born :) 








The world is so colorful and I love it, I've always loved color and now for me, a certain color palette can inspire a whole photoshoot! The brighter the better, color just makes everyone happy!



From a butterflies wings to a patterned dress, I love it all and the shapes and color are such a delight to the eye!  


joy on a child's face

When I see my daughter laugh and play, it inspires within me a different way of seeing things. 



From old black and whites to brand new movies, they are always a source of inspiration. 


people in love

Not just being "in love", but acts of love and thoughtfulness.  That is true love and in any relationship it is inspiring to see.  Whether it's a parent and child, a couple that's been married 40 years or a couple planning their wedding it's inspiring and makes me happy.  


the sun

My name is Greer and I'm a recovering tanorexic, like for real.. I used to want to slather on the butter and fry myself into a crisp.. any Seinfeld fans?
I am a "hotter the better" type of gal.  Living in the Caribbean (norm of 86 degrees/90% humidity) was ideal for me.  I want to live in flip flops and a bikini for the rest of my days.  

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